Meet Guruji: Sandeep Das

Sandeep transcends his instrument- when he plays the Tabla he is a creator of myths, a master communicator and an orchestra, all in one. In my decades of collaboration around the world, he is easily one of the greatest artists I have ever met . Not only is he one of the best artists I have met but he is also once one of the best teachers I have met. I believe there is no one he cannot engage!
— Yo-Yo Ma

Sandeep’s experience of training with his guru for 12 years has made him a sought after educator throughout the entire world. His own learning experience differs vastly from western musical tradition, and provides a unique context for students and ensembles to learn from him. In addition to a private studio, he has taught regularly, from 2012-2017, at the Harvard Ed School Summer institute, and at the Silk Road Ensemble’s Global Musician’s Workshop.

He has served as an artist in residence at many major Colleges and Universities throughout the United States. Some of these institutions include, Dartmouth University, Brandeis University, UC Santa Barbara, UC Santa Clara , College of the Holy Cross, Juilliard school of Music, Berklee School of Music, and UC British Columbia to name a few.

As a private teacher, Sandeep takes great pride and joy in his students of all ages, and ensures each lesson is fit to their individual learning needs.